Below is a sample of some of the workshops I teach, these are just a sample as I customize each workshop to the particular club or event. I can also create workshops for specific events. Fees are egotiable.

Rhythms Beyond 4/4 - advanced beginner and up
An exploration of the rhythms that exist beyond common 4/4 time. Jigs, Hornpipes, Bluesy shuffles and even odd time signatures will be explored

Songs of the 70's - intermediate and up
Like the title says, come learn how well pop and rock songs from this decade fit with the mountain dulcimer. Capo required.

Beatles for Dulcimer - Novice and up
If you haven’t heard of the Beatles, you should really check ‘em out. They’re a great young band with a lot of potential! DAD (capo required)

It's All Cabbage, Really. - Beginner and up (I mean we're just playing variations one tune)
The first song most people learn (and get sick of) is actually a Rosetta Stone of information. Learn how much harmonic information is contained in this simple song and how you can use it to learn new songs quickly or play along in jams, even if you don't know the tune.

Pinkies and Thumbs - B/I and up
I almost never use my thumb or my pinky, but when I do I REALLY need it. Learn to navigate all 5 digits

Weird tunings - B/I and up
An exploration of unusual, but really useful tunings. Incl. Bagpipe and 1-3-5 tunings. New strings STRONGLY suggested.

Flat pick, strum, half-strum - intermediate and up
Basically, everything you neeed to know to develop a solid and great sounding strum hand.
This is best suited as a multi-day workshop

The Right Stuff - beginner/ intermediate or all levels
Unless you're a southpaw, you'll be using your left hand for drinking coffee in this workshop. We'll be concentrating on the right-hand fundamentals, rhythm, strumming, accented rhythms, and dynamics.

Thinking outside the Hourglass - Intermediate/advanced
Learn how to take traditional tunes and turn them on their heads. Or adapt non-traditional songs into dulcimer tunes. Find the hidden beauty in contemporary tunes. Students learn Chord Substitution, Adaptation, Re-harmonization, time signatures and how to abuse them.

Show Off! advanced
Learn to make unusual, offbeat and fun sound on the dulcimer. In short stuff that sounds cool! Learn string bending, natural and artificial harmonics, Two-hand tapping, slapping, hammer-ons, pull-offs and using the dulcimer as a drum.

Arranging for Clubs - All Levels Encouraged
Chances are not everyone in your club is at the same playing level. Using well-known tunes we'll learn how to create parts that are interesting and fun for everybody, no matter what their skill level. You do not have to be from the same club to take this class.

The Rhythm Method - Part I
Rhythm is more than just a really great word for playing hangman, it's the key to solid and engaging playing. In part one of this class, we will learn basic strumming techniques that will give you a solid rhythmic foundation. With these techniques even the simples tunes will sound better!

The Rhythm Method - Part II
Building on what we learned in Part one, we will explore more advanced rhythms, syncopation and even touch on odd time signatures. Sound impossible? it isn't. I'll show you how and you'll be surprised at what you can do.

"UKE" can play the Ukulele
The hardest part about learning the Ukulele is spelling it right. In this from-the-ground-up class we'll learn the basics of strumming and fingering chords, as well as learning how to integrate your new found skill to play with your group, in jam sessions and even your significant other.

Great Tunes (almost) Nobody Plays
There are a lot of wonderful tunes out there that well known, come learn what are sure to be your new favorites. Capo required.

Playing with pick and Fingers
learn to switch from fingerpicking to strumming (and back again) as well as embellishments and fun syncopations with this simple technique.

From Tune to Arrangement Part I
Learn how a few simple embellishments, and a minor mental adjustment can turn "tunes" into compelling and "arrangements." Make fiddle tunes fun or breathe new life into old chestnuts.

From Tune to Arrangement - Part II
Using what we learned in part one, we'll create a compelling arrangement of a tune of your choosing.

Uke Tune Jam
Now that we know the basics, let's learn some tunes and songs and have a truckload of fun!

Composition for Mortals
Coming up with tunes of your own isn't relegated to the world of artistic genius, anyone can create a tune. In this class we'll learn how to analyze the structure of fiddle tunes, and then we'll come up with one of our own. All levels encouraged.

Weird Tunings
The Mountain Dulcimer is an amazingly efficient instrument, I am amazed at how much I can do with DAdd and a capo. But when I come across something I just can't get to work, I retune and this--more often than not--solves the problem. In this class we'll explore some of my favorite tunings, and how to use them.

If You Like One Tune, You'll Like 'em Both. Intermediate and up
Learn to recognize recurring patterns in old-time tunes and use them to help you quickly learn new tunes.

Almost Crooked Tunes. Novice to Intermediate
Crooked tunes are a fun part of old-time music, but can be tricky to play (that's part of what makes 'em fun) This tune isn't really crooked, but ain't quite "square" either.

The Cumberland Gap: novice/intermediate
Trickier than you think! Hammer-ons, pull-offs, bar chords, and chord substitutions make this old tune harder than it looks and cooler than it sounds. But it's a great introduction to all these concepts, and a fun tune to boot.

Thinking "inside" the Box - intermediate and up
Using cross-string picking and three finger "boxes" to tame tricky tunes without simplifying melodies or removing notes. Improve speed and dexterity without actually playing faster.

Get right with Rhythm: Beginner
The secret to great playing is great rhythm. Period. Learn how to get a solid rhythms and consistent tempos in fun an interesting ways.

A tunes: novice/intermediate
Éor how to make friends with the fiddler. Fiddle players love to play in A learn some good ones with this workshop. You'll need a capo.